Experienced Armed Security *Veteran Owned and Operated*

Helping you feel safe in a not so safe world.  Our current or retired Police Officers are here for you.




Our primary mission is to help you succeed with your mission.  Whether it be personal security or the safety  of your staff and products.  We are your Thin Blue Line between you and everyone else.



Let our staff find the security answers that will let you succeed.  We can provide answers to your physical and emotional security needs.  While physical needs are answered with cameras and physical barriers, it is the emotional security aspect that most companies lack.  We not only help you look more secure, we make you feel more secure.

Services and Company Motto


Whether you need safe movement of your business assets or business products we are here for you.

We as a company are not a "Necessary Evil".  

We as a company are "Necessary Because of Evil".